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Apigee Test is an Apigee Labs feature. It's available free of charge, functions “as is,” and is not supported. There are no service-level agreements (SLAs) for bug fixes. Get help in the Apigee Community.

View Apigee Test metrics

The Apigee Test dashboard gives you high-level view of how your probes and steps are doing. Use this to get a quick look at areas that are failing or aren't performing well. From the dashboard you can click down into more details about individual calls, as well as view performance and success graphs.


The Apigee Test dashboard shows you average response times for each step, as well as the overall success rate percentages for the entire probe as well as its individual steps.

To see metrics in greater detail, especially failure areas, click various places on the dashboard:

  • Step details - Click the View Detail icon in the probe title bar to view detailed results for individual API calls.

    Once on the message details page, you can expand step results to see details about the request, response, extracted variables, and assertion results.
  • Graphs - Click the probe name or one of its steps to see response time and success rate graphs.

Viewing details of step results

To see actual results of API calls such as request, response, extracted variables, and assertion results, click the View detail icon on the probe's title bar.

The Message Details window shows details for each step. You can filter the list in the following ways:

  • Last 10 - Shows the last 10 step results regardless of success or failure.
  • Last Hour and 24 Hours - Shows only steps that failed or have latency issues for those time periods.
  • Locations - Lets you filter steps by the geographical locations the calls were made from. Only the locations you selected in the probe configuration are available for selection.
  • By step - Click the All drop-down to select an individual step.

You can also switch to another probe by selecting the drop-down on the probe name.

Click a step to show details about the call.

Viewing graphical reports

By clicking a step name on the Apigee Test dashboard, you're shown graphs of average response times and success rates for that step. At the top of the Reports window, you can also select other steps in the probe to view composite graphs of all steps.

Filter the view by selecting different time ranges and locations the the calls were made from.

By clicking a probe name on the Apigee Test dashboard, you're shown composite graphs of average response times and success rates for all steps in the probe. You can also deselect steps to compare only the ones you want, and you can filter the view by time period and location the calls were made from.


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