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Apigee Test is an Apigee Labs feature. It's available free of charge, functions “as is,” and is not supported. There are no service-level agreements (SLAs) for bug fixes. Get help in the Apigee Community.

Config Sets

Similar to other API clients like Postman, you can create environments in Apigee Test called Config Sets. Config Sets are collections of variables for use in your Test Case Step configurations, letting you change your API calls by simply changing the Config Set.

For example, say you have the following base URLs for test and production:


You can create two Config Sets, "prod" and "test", each with a different value for the "host" variable.

Config Set 変数
test host
prod host

Then when you configure the Steps in a Test Case, you can indicate the host variable like this:


Then, when you want to execute the Test Case (either in a Probe or with a webhook), you select the Config Set that contains the variables you want.

You can create a Config Set in the Apigee Test UI or with the Create a Config Set API.

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