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Delete monetization data for an organization


You may wish to delete monetization data for your organization in the following scenarios:

  • Delete your organization. In this case, you must delete the monetization data before you can delete the organization.
  • Clear monetization data from a test organization that you would like to reuse. In this case, you must synchronize the Apigee Edge data after you delete the monetization data.

The following sections describe how to delete monetization data from your organization:

Enabling the deletion of monetization data from your organization

Before you can delete monetization data from your organization, you must enable the features.isMintOrgDataDeletionAllowed property for your organization.

Enable the property by issuing a POST call to the{org_name} API, where {org_name} is the name of your organization.

curl -u email:password -X POST -H "Content-type:application/json"{org_name} -d \
  "name" : "{org_name},
  "properties" : {
    "property" : [ {
      "name" : "features.isMintOrgDataDeletionAllowed",
      "value" : "true"
    }, {
      "name" : "features.topLevelDevelopersAreCompanies",
      "value" : "false"
    } ]

When you update the organization with the API call, be sure to include all the existing organization properties in the payload, even if they are not being changed. Otherwise, the existing organization properties are overwritten by only the properties you set with this call. To view the properties currently set for your organization, see Get Organization.

The following properties are reserved and unchangeable. Specifying them in the request payload will have no impact, and you can omit them.

  • features.isCpsEnabled - Specifies whether your organization is running on the Core Persistence Services framework.
  • features.isMonetizationEnabled - Indicates that Monetization is enabled.

Deleting monetization data from your organization

Deleting monetization data from an organization permanently removes the following data:

  • API packages
  • Rate plans
  • Developer accepted rate plans
  • Monetization transactions
  • Third-party payment providers, if configured

To delete monetization data from your organization, issue a POST request to /organizations/{org_name}/delete-org-data, where {org_name} is the name of your organization.

Apigee recommends that you delete monetization data before moving to production. This API will permanently delete all monetization data from your organization. Do not proceed if there is any monetization data that you need to maintain. 

For example, the following request deletes monetization data from the myOrg organization:

$ curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X POST \
"" \
-u email:password

The following provides an example of the response:

  "id": "c6eaa22d-27bd-46cc-be6f-4f77270818cf",
  "log": "",
  "orgId": "myOrg",
  "status": "RUNNING",
  "type": "DELETE_ORG"

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