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Customizing Edge Email Templates

Edge for Private Cloud v. 4.16.09

Edge automatically sends emails in response to certain events. For each of these events, Edge defines a default email template in /<inst_root>/apigee/edge-ui/email-templates. To customize these emails, you can edit the default templates.

These events are triggered when modifying users in the Edge management UI. If you use a script to add or modify a user, no email is sent.

The events where an email is sent, and the default template file for the generated email, are:

  • New user is added: user-added-new.html
  • Existing user requests a password reset: password-reset.html
  • A user is added to an organization: user-added-existing.html

The next installation of Edge overwrites these files, so make sure to backup any customizations that you make.

The "From" field of the email can be customized by setting the conf_apigee_apigee.mgmt.mailfrom property in  /<inst_root>/apigee/customer/application/ (if that file does not exist, create it). For example:

conf_apigee_apigee.mgmt.mailfrom="My Company <>"

The email subjects are customizable by editing the following properties in /<inst_root>/apigee/customer/application/ (if that file does not exist, create it):

  • conf_apigee-base_apigee.emails.passwordreset.subject
  • conf_apigee-base_apigee.emails.useraddedexisting.subject
  • conf_apigee-base_apigee.emails.useraddednew.subject

Several email properties reference the {companyNameShort} placeholder, which defaults to a value of "Apigee". You can set the value of the placeholder by using the conf_apigee_apigee.branding.companynameshort property in For example:

conf_apigee_apigee.branding.companynameshort="My Company"

After setting any properties in /<inst_root>/apigee/customer/application/, you must restart the Edge UI:

> /<inst_root>/apigee/apigee-service/bin/apigee-service edge-ui restart

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